No Words, More Pictures.

Letter #25

Hey everyone. Hope you’re doing great. This week, since I have been busy writing and editing previous and newer projects that I cannot share here just yet, I decided to take a break from writing and make some visual stuff. Here are a few drawings/sketches/collages I made last night, today, (and recently), mostly haphazardly. 

No words, more pictures, by me. Till next week!

B <3

Films I’ve Watched Recently

Be Kind Rewind
by Michel Gondry

Were y’all aware that a film by Michel Gondry featuring yasiin bey, Jack Black, and Danny Glover existed?? This film existed in some buried part of my subconscious as I recall seeing it as a kid but for some weird reason it always felt a bit unreal and now I realize why. Gondry’s direction and the film worlds he creates are always just a bit unreal, from Jerry, played by Jack Black, becoming magnetic, to the meta nature of the film itself, having them create makeshift film studio sets on a film set. The visuals are incredible in this, soundtrack is wonky as my friend H put it, and the writing and dialogue is just flatout hilarious and genius. It really is a wholesome movie, I personally found it entertaining from beginning to end. There were no slow parts that drag out, the pacing was almost perfect. A great film. Give it a watch if you want to watch something funny and fun and wholesome. ALSO! I realize there might be a strong chance that The Last Black Man in San Francisco was inspired by this story. If you watched it and you watch this, you’ll see what I mean!

By Alex Garland

I know, probably should have seen this long ago. But after watching it, I really don’t have much to say except that sometimes… I really dislike tech niggas lmao.

“Remember, the passion for destruction is also a creative passion.” - Richard Linklater, Slacker

That's all from me for this one. Thank you for reading. And please drop a like, comment, or even send a reply to these emails if you feel inclined to. I'll be here. 

B <3