Mental Break

Letter #20


Just here to let you all know I'm taking a slight mental break from things. I'm anticipating a rebrand for this newsletter, possibly a move to an actual newsletter subscription site, maybe / maybe not, and plan to hopefully get a better sense of how I want to use this as a means of communication. It started out as a tool for me to grow an audience for future writing projects, but quickly became something of a diary that has opened the door to my life and thoughts for many people outside of my immediate circle. There are people receiving these letters I've never met, people I haven't talked to in years, and even people I'd probably prefer weren't reading them, but that's the reality of a lot of writing, and it's something I am trying to live with. 
It is great however, hearing from those of you who enjoy reading these, and take the time to reply or even just let me know you read them. The dynamic intrigues me, and I am not sure how I feel about it, but am thankful nonetheless. 

For those who have been here from the start, thank you for being here, and to those who only joined recently, I appreciate you as well and hope you'll stick around for whatever this becomes. I'll send a few more out in the coming weeks, insha'Allah, but I intend to make some changes in due time.

Until the next letter...

With love,